Concerned Friends began in 1980 when a group of concerned citizens met to discuss the lack of care in Long-Term Care Homes. In 1982 we were incorporated as a registered charity in Ontario and remain funded solely by memberships and donations.

We are a volunteer-driven organization governed by a Board of Directors. Our Committees; Policy & Advocacy, Governance &  Finance, Communications, and Membership work to support the Board in delivering on our strategic priorities.

To advance the health and well-being and enrich the experiences of those living in long- term care homes across Ontario. 

A system where individuals living in long-term care homes have access to health and support services that best meet their diverse needs; where every person has a voice that is heard, and rights that are respected. Those being served feel safe, cared for, and part of a vibrant inclusive community.

Compassion – We recognize the diverse needs and circumstances of every individual and their family/caregivers.  We support and promote a long-term care system which incorporates acceptance and understanding.
Dignity & Respect – We value a long-term care system where people and organizations listen to and honour each person as an individual with unique backgrounds, needs, preferences and beliefs.
Collaboration – We promote inclusive working relationships through our members and other partners to facilitate the sharing of ideas, and to foster cooperation among and between key stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcomes. We engage and collaborate with a broad range of knowledge experts and health professionals who work together across all levels of long-term care.
Accountability – We hold Ontario’s long-term care system accountable for the decisions that are made by those responsible for its oversight and operations. We demonstrate this to our members and other partners through transparency, evidence-based decision making, compliance reporting, and other mechanisms.
Pursuit of Excellence – We are committed to advancing the quality of long-term care through on-going learning, continuous improvement, and innovation.  We aim to influence public policy through a unified and informed voice, with a focus on excellence and achieving the best possible outcomes for individuals in long-term care homes.